By Michael Milligan

I’m sure you’re surprised to hear the announcement of the closure of our farm and business. So are we, but no worries here: it is all for the best! 

As I write, I feel honored to be in a position to reach you, where you are, with our story, and hope the best for you and your story.

Our farm started over 10 years ago with the intention to bring healing to people, not only to our customers through nutritious, ethical food, but also to my family through closeness and purpose. 

Unfortunately, we were not ready for this realization emotionally, mentally, or relationally. Our farm was a healing fantasy, and because we are broken people, our fantasy turned into a nightmare.

What was supposed to bring wholeness and healing brought out exhaustion, frustration, neglect, shame, worthlessness, and emptiness. After more than a decade of peering into the abyss of emptiness, a spark of love reached me. 

My eyes opened and I saw the unconditional love from my children. Right then and there, it hit me like a ton of bricks, and our journey began. I decided that I cannot any longer neglect my family, and I can’t help anyone else until my house is in order.  Seeking therapy, I dared to trust someone, to be vulnerable enough to let someone inside me, something that was deathly scary to me – and indeed brought death.

What died in me brought my healing. My identity was nothing more than a façade to protect my inner being from the pain of the outside world.  I peered into the abyss of my own soul and identity and found nothing, I found everything, I found comfort, understanding, acceptance, and love.

Now that I have reached the other side, I now have to learn WHO I AM. I have the luxury to choose who I am. I have been reborn as a completely new person. The coping mechanisms of my old self; alcoholism, addiction, anger, withdrawal, have all fallen away and a new day is on the horizon.

We decided to stop with the fantasy. We decided to take the time to learn who we all are now.  

We decided to love.

With healing and love for you and yours,


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