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Local, Pastured, Delicious

Local, Pastured, Delicious

We take pasture-raised to the next level. Right here in Andrews, SC, our cows, goats, hens, ducks, turkeys & pigs enjoy 26 acres of green & unlimited sunshine. Our rotational grazing system enhances the quality of our soils & grasses, providing better nutrition to our animals & your food.

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Fresh, Nutritious Food Delivered to Your Door

Palmetto Pastures brings you a locally sourced Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) bundle including seasonal organic vegetables, fruits, pastured eggs, and artisan foods, delivered weekly.

Local CSA Bundles come with Free Delivery.

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Fresh, Nutritious Food Delivered to Your Door

Best Farming Practices

No pesticides, herbicides, hormones or antibiotics

Rotational grazing

Carbon sequestration

Nutrient cycling & soil restoration

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Superior Quality & Better Nutrition

Pasture-raised eggs means better quality & nutrition. Pastured eggs typically contain 7x the beta carotene, 3x the vitamin E, 2x the omega 3 fatty acids, 2-3x more vitamin A than conventional or free-range eggs.

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Superior Quality & Better Nutrition